Nineteen current and former UPS employees in Ohio filed a lawsuit accusing the company of admitting to an “atmosphere of racism” in which black employees were repeatedly discriminated against because of their race.

The lawsuit, which began Wednesday in the Lucas County Court of Commons, alleges that the managers and supervisors of the UPSers distribution center in Maumee “deliberately authorized, tolerated, promoted, and promoted a culture of racism and racial discrimination.” “Ohio.

The workers, many of whom have worked for UPS for more than two decades, reported experiencing a variety of racist behavior while at the UPS center, including white workers who use “black” racial defamation and photo distribution. of curls

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A worker said she received a text message from a colleague in February 2017 saying a plush jumpsuit with a UPS uniform was placed near an area where African-American workers worked. According to the trial, no serious disciplinary or investigative measures were taken.

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The prosecution claims that a white employee apprised his manager in September 2016 that he had refused to deliver parcels in a predominantly African-American community he called Niggerville. UPS reported that the delivery driver was fired and reinstated.

Another plaintiff claimed that a white employee hung two ropes at work in July 2016. Several other white employees, including his manager, testified and joked about the fact. Although the white worker who committed the crime was fired, no one else was punished, according to the HuffPost complaint.

Workers also say they have often been neglected due to racial discrimination in search of transportation and more desirable jobs. They demand a court order to end the discrimination, more than $ 25,000 in damages and an undetermined amount of punitive damages “to determine future illegal behavior.”

UPS said in a statement Thursday that the reported behavior at the trial was “horrible and contrary to our values ​​and culture.”

If an incident is reported, UPS will take the matter seriously, thoroughly investigate it, and take appropriate disciplinary action against those responsible for the wrongdoing, the statement said.

UPSers reviewed and disciplined those who took inappropriate action and worked with the Ohio Civil Rights Commission to train employees to ensure a positive work atmosphere.

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In April 2016, eight black men received $ 5.3 million in damages after suing UPSers for promoting hostile jobs in Lexington, Kentucky. The workers said their white workers hung an African American portrait on the ceiling and used the racist blur “Jungle Bunny” and “Verandaffe.”