While Burger King has positioned itself as a high-quality burger chain, Now Wendy’s is expanding its value menu with a second series of items for under $ 2 and a basic offering of $ 99.

The company lost analyst expectations in the last quarter, while rival McDonald’s rebounded from a decline in October sales by strongly promoting its dollar menu. (The thousands of McDonald’s stores that opened on Thanksgiving also contributed to increased sales.)

Wendy appears to be pulling a page out of the McD book. The Burger Business sector statement reports that the chain plans to launch the appropriate pricing menu, which will now be tested in parts of the system next year.

In a conference call last month, CEO Emil Brolick told investors: “We have lost part of the value zone” and said the new menu would help the company reverse the trend. Brolick said one of the culprits was the franchisee’s disagreement over menu items, which confused customers.

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According to the research firm Technomic, Wendy was the number 2 hamburger among fast-food hamburger brands last year. Supported by Burger King’s slower response to fast-food customers’ changing tastes, Wendy’s stole the king’s crown and focused on high-quality (and more expensive) products like natural specialties and increasingly larger sandwiches. like a chicken coop at Rancho Asiago.

The problem was, it was almost too good to hit the top market. The new menu was designed to better balance Wendy’s overall menu, which has become very difficult due to the addition of more expensive sandwiches, said Burger Business.

“We believe that the number of price-sensitive customers should not be overlooked,” Brolick told analysts. Single. Bonnie Riggs, a food industry analyst at research firm NPD Group, said fast-food customers, especially customers under the age of 35, do not eat mixed meals in favor of the menu. in dollars to save a few dollars.

Wendy’s new 99 menu includes six main dishes: high-quality chicken nuggets, fries, sodas, a bit of frosting, a junior cheeseburger, and a crispy chicken sandwich. There will be a second tier of more profitable items, priced between $ 1.29 and $ 1.79 that franchisees can choose or calculate as long as prices stay below $ 2, Burger Business said. . More options for customers, higher margins for Wendy’s – everyone is happy.

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