My first interaction with a Wegmans employee was at the cheese counter, where an enthusiastic cheesemaker gave me a taste of Plaisir au Chablis, a smooth and delicious cheese from Burgundy. (I immediately bought a little tour).

It could have spent an hour at the cheese counter to rebuild and test the wide range, but I had to continue until I discovered that Wegmans had recently built a 12,300-square-foot space that was designed specifically for cured cheese. The building has its own brie cheese room and seven “caves” for aging soft, washed cheese. Good!

I finally made it to the supermarket, but not before I passed my first trail mix bar … and the olive bar, where my husband made a plate of Mediterranean tapas that we enjoyed for lunch.

At this point, it seems clear to me that Wegmans is in a separate league. The next ones I can compare are the street shops I have visited in New York, but they are even bigger. Wegmans is like Trader Joes, Fairway, Whole Foods, Target, and an open-air market in one (or, as Buzzfeed puts it, “a journey through a beautifully maintained and self-sufficient small town”).

MyWegmansConnect Survey Steps

Have a look at the steps required to be followed to complete the MyWegmansConnect Survey easily:

  1. Go to the MyWegmansConnect Survey portal from any web browser from your electronic device.
  2. Now, enter the details like the date and time of your visit, the store number of the Wegmans you visited, the MyWegmansConnect Survey code, etc.
  3. After that, a questionnaire will be displayed on your screen. This questionnaire consists of some questions that are based on your previous visits to the Wegmans. You need to answer each and every question of the MyWegmansConnect Survey honestly.
  4. After you answer all the questions, you will be prompted to submit the contact details. These details will be used by the Wegmans to contact the lucky winner of the MyWegmansConnect Survey.
  5. In the end, you will be provided with a validation code. This code is needed to be redeemed on your next visit to the Wegmans to claim the MyWegmansConnect Survey rewards.

Unlike Trader Joe’s, MyWegmansConnect’s top supermarket brands have their own brands, and unlike Whole Foods, these top brands are not limited to organic or niche foods. As with any store, I expected prices to differ from the competition depending on the product. So I didn’t think Wegmans was generally cheaper or more expensive than anywhere else. But how do prices compare to whole foods, for example, since it is a delicatessen?

I compared some elements side by side and they stack:

  • Gallon Wegmans House Organic Milk Brand: $ 5.99
  • 365 gallons of organic milk for whole foods with a daily value: $ 5.99
  • Gallon Wegmans House Almond Milk Brand: $ 2.99
  • Whole foods 365 liters of almond milk per day: $ 3.49
  • 6 oz container of Wegman organic raspberries: $ 4.99
  • Whole Grain 6 Ounce Organic Raspberry Container: $ 3.49
  • 2 pounds of Wegman strawberries: $ 2.99

As you can see, there were cases where Wegmans defeated Whole Foods, but others where Whole Foods was the cheapest option.

Obviously this is a very incomplete description of some of the MyWegmansConnect Survey selected items, and I imagine that as a normal Wegmans shopper you are preparing for items that are good deals for that particular item. I was impressed by the selection of Wegman products, which I think are much better than Trader Joe’s products (although they may not be as good as Whole Foods).

I think what you pay for when you go to a place like Wegmans is variety, quality, and customer service. There are hard-to-find international food shelves, plenty of dairy products, frozen foods and areas, and a large pharmacy area that would make it unnecessary to walk to Target. There are also many family packaging options for various foods that Wegmans said could save up to 30%.