Finding the right hardware specialist is not easy, and most homeowners are very concerned about who can work in their home. For this reason, Angie’s list may charge a fee for her service, for example. However, many My Lowes Life owners also ask for recommendations in stores where they already buy., a four-month startup that collects data from renovation projects in the United States, has just announced a multi-year strategic partnership with Lowe’s that will be available to Lowe’s employees at 139 stores in the region. Seattle and North and South Carolina.

Through this partnership, Matt Ehrlichman, CEO of, informed me that My Lowes Life employees will now use to recommend buyers to local artisans, landscapers, roofers, contractors, and other professionals. Every day, Ehrlichman says, customers ask their employees when they buy these recommendations, but in addition to certain well-defined projects like carpet installations, the company has not really delivered its products. Reliable customer information.

With, My Lowes Life employees can now see which entrepreneurs are familiar with a particular neighborhood and how people have rated it. When a My Lowes Life customer needs a professional for a service that Lowe’s does not offer, employees display Porch on their mobile devices or in-store terminals and give recommendations to customers. Lowe’s also displays signs at participating stores.

This is a big problem for Porch, says Ehrlichman, especially given the company’s youth. After all, Lowe had sales of $ 50.5 billion in 2012 and serves around 15 million customers per week in more than 1,800 stores. This will not only make Porch accessible to a large number of potential new users but will also provide professionals with an additional incentive to sign up for the service.

How Do I Access MyLowesLife Portal?

To sign in to your My Lowes Life portal, you need to sign in to your account. To sign in, just go with the instructions that are explained below:

  1. To begin with, visit the official My Lowes Life portal at the address My Lowes
  2. Now, visit the login section of this page.
  3. Here, you will see two text fields that demand your login credentials. These credentials include your username and the My Lowes Life password.
  4. Kindly, submit the login credentials.
  5. After submitting the required details, verify it once, and tap “Sign In”.
  6. If the submitted details are correct, you will be redirected to the home page of your My Lowes Life account. Here, you can access all the benefits offered by this portal.
  7. The above steps conclude your sign-in procedure on the My Lowes Life online portal.

Ric Fulop, CEO, and co-founder of Desktop Metal, who previously founded battery technology company A123 Systems, said in a press release that Capital Desktop would help drive research and development in manufacturing its first printer.

Fulop has yet to announce exactly how metallic office printers will work. The CEO told TechCrunch that lasers are not used to form metals. The startup will generate revenue by selling printers and its own high-performance alloys to engineers. Printers can produce prototypes and metal parts that can be used immediately in production. New engineer-printed carburetor parts can be used immediately on the road.

Fulop sees that office metal can be rapidly developed for a variety of industries. Almost every object in your environment has a metal part, from computers to automotive, medical, and high-performance devices, said the CEO. Although 3D-printed metal parts represent only a small part of what is manufactured today, parts valued at around $ 12 billion are treated worldwide each year. The My Lowes Life company’s strategic support points to this range, which includes not only Lowe and BMW in this round but also former partners such as energy company Saudi Aramco and GE.