A McDonald’s Reddit representative warned others against buying McDVOICE smoothies because McCafe machines are unreliable. Not only did they not drink them, but there were times when they told customers that the machine had failed because it was so unpleasantly dirty that serving outdoors was not good.

Other workers trembled when they said they avoided things that came from most machines, including soda and smoothies. In their experience, shakers were definitely not cleaned every day and tended to build up a crunchy build-up. Cleaning cycles lasted approximately every two weeks and were described as “legally good”. Vending machines weren’t even manufactured that often, and they were almost always covered in mud. According to an official, his Coca-Cola representative said that most of the machines he serialized were filled with a syrup gun. Now you know.

There was a collapse on social media in 2017 when a Louisiana McDVOICE employee posted photos of the drip tray he had removed from the ice machine at his location. According to the official, who was only identified by Nick (of The Independent), the drip trays were almost never clean and were generally chilled.

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McDonald’s published an official response saying in part: This is part of our friendly service team that does not come into contact with any food and must be cleaned regularly and on time. Nick was released shortly after his release, but he’s not alone in his warning.

Rise of the mcdvoice

On the Reddit topic “AMA Request: Someone who works at McDonald’s and can explain why the ice machine almost always fails,” some employees spoke with unappetizing responses. If you are using a laptop or tablet, try moving to a different location and try again. Another employee talked about the real problems with their location: employees who were not getting enough of their work, including the complicated process of cleaning an ice machine. so disgusting.

The mcdvoice customer satisfaction survey is available on the official website of the McDonald’s at the website address www.mcdvoice.com.

McDonald’s, and other fast-food chains, have made great strides to make their menus healthier, or at least to offer customers healthier options. Employees responding to a Reddit topic say their protein sandwiches are not as healthy as you think, and the people who cook them avoid eating them.

Grilled chicken is another option you may prefer if you think you want something that is at least a little harmful. However, according to the Reddit team, you can do what they do and avoid it.

According to a Reddit segment member, “IamA Manager McDVOICE AMA! If you want to order grilled chicken, you should think twice. They called it terribly frozen chicken that we thawed and steamed and it’s a bit of jam, and none of these phrases indicates that it is roasted or healthy.