“My ATMs were intimidated,” he says. (A discussion under the heading “General Dollar” asked, “Why is the General Dollar so anti-dumping?” The main answer: “Why should they treat us like real people?”) You won’t hear much from employees. about it in public. The workers told Mother Jones that they were afraid to speak up about the files because they feared a serious setback from the company. They said the employee’s manual prohibits them from speaking to the press. People are afraid of losing their job, says Stone. Dollar General did not respond to any questions about these guidelines.

In December 2017, DGCustomerFirst employees in Auxvasse, Missouri voted 4-2 to form a union. It was the first chain of stores to organize. The company contested the result due to complaints from two workers who voted yes. One said an official threatened to cut his tires if he voted against the union. Another said the same officer offered him $ 100 to vote yes. The union vote was confirmed in February 2020. But it didn’t matter.

DGCustomerFirst FAQ

What is DGCustomerFirst?

This is a customer satisfaction survey that helps the Dollar General management team to collect the opinions and feedback of the customers.

What are the DGCustomerFirst Survey rewards?

You will be getting some cashback or discounts on your purchase after successfully conducting this online survey.

Is the online survey portal secure for the customers to participate in?

Yes. This online survey portal is extremely secure for each and every customer to participate in.

Where can I participate in this survey?

You can conduct this online survey at the website address DGCustomerFirst.com.

Is purchase from the Dollar General stores mandatory to participate in this survey?

Yes. You must make a purchase from the Dollar General stores to review the products and services of the same.

He compares it to what Walmart did when meat cutters were organized in a handful of stores. The company closed meat counters across the country. Dollar General is copying this book from T-Game, we will beat it to the end, we will try to arrest him and make him unhappy, Cook said. “And we will even make arrangements before we recognize your union.” Dollar General did not respond to questions about the Missouri union.

Rise of the DGCustomerFirst

Growth is everything for Dollar General. He won’t let his expansion goals or a curious union of market planning analyst stop him, much less a pandemic. In 2017, a Bloomberg Businessweek author described a Vasos presentation that included a map “that looks like an epidemiological prediction with yellow and green spots spreading like smallpox” with remaining green “options.”

Not all DGCustomerFirst stores can sell large quantities of Walmart, but Dollar General has tried to make up for what is missing from the sale at the same store. The company would be everywhere and sell a little. In 2017, Dollar General had 12,483 stores; now it has 16,300. The company’s goal, as described by Stone’s mother, Jones, is achieved: 1,000 new locations per year.

“Nothing really affected our expansion,” says Stone. “It would develop regardless of the pandemic.” In fact, the COVID-19 crisis could even revive the plans. CNN Business believes that discount chains like Dollar General are “there to prosper” in a pandemic as shoppers cut costs and focus on essential household items. Jackson County, Florida, approved Tuesday the opening of a new general dollar.

In the past five years, Dollar General has hired 35,000 new employees, nearly 150,000, and an additional 50,000 have been added during the pandemic. More business means more workers work under the general dollar, more workers involved in what Rebecca calls “the contradictions in their policies and actions.”