The last few years of the economic struggle have exploded for dollar stores. A study shows that dollar store activity has been so strong lately that there are more pharmacies in the US. USA Consumers today view dollar stores as their second most important resource. most popular for buying Christmas gifts (after buying online). And now it seems that the group most responsible for the popularity of dollar stores is not expected: wealthy shoppers.

Let’s face it: For many people, quantity is at least as important as quality when it comes to stacks of gifts hidden under Christmas trees and in socks. So it’s no wonder that during the holiday season, especially during the last season, everyone is looking for creative ways to do more, regardless of the size of the family budget.

Just as companies have increased at pawn shops over the holidays, sales at dollar stores are vibrating.

According to the Los Angeles Times, one reason dollar store sales are so strong is that chains are doing more than usual to cater to holiday shoppers. The family dollar, for example, offers 10% more toys for Christmas than in 2010 and also includes more expensive gifts, such as MP3 players and download cameras.

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In a recent Nielsen survey, consumers identified online retailers as the first category for buying Christmas gifts. However, the dollar store is still number two on the list. The fact that dollar stores are popular with low- and middle-income consumers should not be surprising given the economic situation.

It is surprising that wealthier people turn to dollar stores in considerable amounts. Shoppers with annual sales of more than $ 100,000 have made 11% more trips to dollar stores since 2008. They also spend more, with an average 23% increase in purchases.

Did you spend an hour rewinding the magic of the dollar store? In this case, the idea occurred to me, somewhere between the $ 1 toy aisle and the $ 1 kitchen utensil aisle that literally contains everything. Turns out, with a little flair, you can cover almost all of your home and garden needs with just the dollar store!

Dollar General now forecasts earnings of $ 2.22 to $ 2.30 per share for the 53-week fiscal year, higher than the previous forecast of $ 2.20 to $ 2.30 per share.

He expects sales growth of 12-14% instead of an earlier forecast of 11-13%. Revenues in the same stores are now expected to increase 4 to 6% compared to a previous forecast of 3 to 5%.

The major number of Dollar General stores is owned by private equity firm Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co LP <KKR.UL>, that the Goodlettsville, headquarters in Tennessee company introduced in November 2009.