Hello friends, this guide is all about downloading Plants vs Zombies 2 for PC or Computer with Bluestacks available on Windows 7, Windows 8 also.

Plant Vs Zombies 2 is a smartphone game developed to be played on numerous mobile, plus it’s among the revolutionary and most best game for mobiles. It was developed Pop cap games in 2013 and released by Electronic Arts INC. That is the game’s second instalment; plant vs zombies’ previous version was released in 2010 for iOS and humanoid devices. This version could be played around precisely the same mobile os’s. It’s a tower defence game type, where you’re going to be asked to save your land from a zombie assault.

Gameplay of Plants vs Zombies 2 for PC or Computer :

Zombies are attacking yet again and you should be defensive to be alive. Plant versus Zombies 2: “It’s all about time” is a sequel to its previous variant, and this time the game is set off in the early Egypt.

A little narrative is, in addition, added to this part, as no narratives were concerned in the prior edition of the game, which is quite great.

plants vs zombies 2 for pc


Out of his craziness, he travels to get that taco although it’s so difficult now. Somehow your neighbour arrives to ancient Egypt; the zombies are actually all after him and can make make a world with zombies commanding it more.

At this point you must save the world and destroy the zombies’ master and they. The story is very intriguing, however, it won’t change much as playing it stays precisely the same.

Plants are your weapon as well as the zombies are the enemies. Similar game-play is released in this variant also using the environment which can be set to historical Egypt along with the only real variant in the music.

It functions the exact same lawn at which you’re going to have to put the plants. This lawn is divided into 5 tiled trails, from where your house can be entered by the zombies. You’ll need to put here to avoid the enemies getting too close.

There there were improvements in the plants types while the plants that were previous have been retained.

You’ll have to avoid the zombies getting close to your house. To this there is an assortment of plants that burst, will shoot and also eat the zombies, ultimately killing them.


Download Plants vs Zombies 2 for PC or Computer – Windows 7/8 :

The most essential thing about the game is the suns. All these are generated automatically in the day although at nighttime Sunflower plant is the only supply of suns.

Additionally, to make the suns generate quick you may need to put the more in amount. The suns so created will further be utilized to buy plants.

To play with plant vs zombies on PC, as explained below, just follow:

  • Download Android emulator called Bluestacks.
  • Install it on your MAC.
  • Open the emulator that is installed.
  • Create a search for ‘plant versus zombies 2’ utilizing the searching alternative in Bluestacks.
  • Click the link of plant versus zombies 2 to begin downloading it.
  • Wait till it finishes installing and downloading.
  • You have now successfully installed this game on your own PC or Mac

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