According to a local report, about three dozen people who work at a UPS distribution center in Arizona have contracted the new coronavirus.

At least 36 people, including three in the intensive care unit, developed the COVID-19 infection after being exposed to the new virus at the Tucson facility, local news agency KOLD News 13 said, citing an explanation. by a local union representing workers at the distribution center.

UPSers Local 104 also said the facility has caused people from other states, New Mexico, Colorado, and Utah, to “offset the outbreak” and potentially increase the risk to workers. The announcer reported, citing the statement.

“These are just the ones we know about,” Karla Schumann, union director, and treasurer, told KOLD News 13. We are trying to keep up to date with what we know about the positive.

She said around 700 workers could be at risk of developing the disease.

In a statement, a UPSers spokesperson said “The health and safety of our employees, customers, and suppliers continue to be a priority for the company.”

“UPSers is proud of its people who provide security for our customers and communities and deliver essential goods and items every day. Since the start of the pandemic, people have trusted UPS more than ever, and our employees respond with passion and commitment. According to the press release, according to KOLD News 13. To meet the current growing demand for home delivery, UPS in Tucson is hiring additional staff for all shifts and all types of jobs. Our priority remains the health and wellness and security of our employees, clients, and Suppliers.

Similar cases have been reported at other distribution facilities across the country. For instance, according to a March statement, at least 50 Amazon stores were hit by the new Coronavirus.


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A UPS driver said he was “honored” to have delivered thousands of gallons of hand sanitizer to the New York City Police Department.

Veteran and former police officer John McKown told Fox & Friends Weekend on Saturday that he “took the opportunity” to protect police at the epicenter of the coronavirus pandemic.

I spent my entire career on duty, he said. As a military veteran and also as a police officer, we serve those in need across the country.

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He added: What a great opportunity to deliver this trailer – 88 barrels of hand sanitizer – to the New York City Police Department. We have shipped it twice. That’s almost 10,000 liters.

On Friday, the New York police reported that 7,096 uniformed members were sick, representing almost 20% of the armed forces. To date, more than 2,300 uniformed employees have tested positive for coronavirus. Two died of complications from the virus.

In early April, the UPSers White House told reporters at a daily meeting that it had received an “SOS” from the New York City Police Department, claiming that the department desperately needed hand sanitizers.