Pharmacies are generally considered a little more than necessary and practical. But now that some Walgreens have beauty salons, sushi and smoothies, and an impressive selection of beers, wines, spirits, and cigars, can it be considered an “amazing” pharmacy?

An author from La Angeles magazine described a new 23,500-square-foot Walgreens in Hollywood that replaced an old Borders location as “incredibly deep breathing.”

Premium tequila and vodka, reasonable prices for staples like Beefeater’s Gin and Maker’s Mark, a wide selection of wines, as well as macro and microbreweries, including cigars, and a virtual bartender kiosk where you can gather the ingredients for certain cocktails. They are all in the mix in one place where consumers often combine deodorant and shampoo.

Hollywood Store is one of many newly renovated or open places that aim to change the minds of Walgreens shoppers, and the word “pharmacy” can mean. A year ago, Walgreens opened its new store in downtown Chicago: a two-story building on historic State Street where customers can enjoy sushi, shakes and smoothies, artisan cheeses, and hundreds of wines, manicures, and eyebrow grooming and plus.

Similarly, the new multifaceted Walgreens will soon open in San Francisco, Boston, at dozens of locations in Florida and elsewhere. Hundreds of Walgreens websites are said to be receiving the Well Experience change as the company calls it a new concept.

As Forbes reports, Gregory Wasson, CEO of Walgreens, said impressive new websites should show that old ideas that limit business opportunities and sales are fading:

WalgreensListens Survey Participation

If you wish to participate in the survey launched by the Walgreens, just follow the steps that are explained below:

  1. Firstly visit the official website of the WalgreensListens Survey.
  2. Now, submit the details that are asked. These details include the date, time, and the store number that you visited. Also, you will be asked to submit the survey code.
  3. Then, a WalgreensListens Survey questionnaire will be displayed on your screen.
  4. This questionnaire is the heart of this survey. It consists of questions that are related to your satisfaction level.
  5. Kindly answer all the questions honestly.
  6. After you answer all the questions, you will be prompted to submit some contact details.
  7. In the end, a WalgreensListens Survey code will be displayed that is needed to be validated on your next visit to the Walgreens.

Inaccuracy goes far beyond pharmacies. Many Target and Walmart stores have had a selection of supermarkets and grocery stores for some time. Even dollar stores are increasing the supply of fresh food and are hoping to become today’s business rather than simply buying party supplies, household items, and cheap gifts. In addition to the Partito retail store concept, JCPenney’s main features also include lounges and coffee shops, whose customers are expected before and after room search.

Retailers increasingly seem to think that doing something right is not enough. It is not enough for a pharmacy to buy quickly and easily, and it is not enough for a WalgreensListens Survey department store to simply sell fashion and furniture. Instead, companies are trying to become destinations, places where shoppers come, stay, and want to spend time and regularly, not just when a birthday gift or more shampoos are needed.

Do buyers buy this concept? So far, JCPenney has struggled to make it all work, but its problems go far beyond the fact that shoppers don’t stay in stores. The success or failure of the new Walgreens stores depends largely on whether shoppers can be convinced that they have to stop several times a week to shop as usual, but also to buy alcohol and buy drinks. to receive and maybe even sushi or a smoothie. And since some consumers never enjoy spending hours with JCPenney, it will be hard to convince some shoppers to eat sushi right where they buy diapers and wrinkle cream.