The family pharmacy on Main Street has been dying for decades. Now the major national pharmacy chains that have contributed to the risk of these family businesses closing are outpacing global dollar stores. What does that say about how people shop today? And the economic situation?

One of the most popular retail trends in recent years has been the boom in dollar business. At a time when many retailers were experiencing downsizing, dollar stores grew for obvious reasons: One of the ways consumers shrank was by spending more time in stores for a dollar.

Research has shown that today’s shoppers are more likely to shop at dollar stores recently and that chains like Dollar Tree, Dollar General, and Family Dollar have seen exceptional sales growth as a result.

Due to the recent wave of popularity and best sales, dollar stores have naturally expanded to new locations across the country.

According to a study by the retail research company Colliers International, there are more agencies than pharmacies in the United States. In particular, Colliers added and compared the number of locations for four national dollar retail chains (Dollar General, Dollar Tree, Family Dollar, just 99 cents). The total number of locations for the three largest pharmacy chains in the country (CVS CVS, Rite Aid, Walgreens).

In mid-2011, it was $ 21,500 in stores, compared to 19,700 pharmacies.

For example, this account doesn’t take into account family pharmacies (yes, there are still some) and many New Yorkers could include other pharmacy chains like Duane Reade, the chain that seems to run New York, but apparently thousands of stores around the world, According to its website, only Duane Reade owns “more than 253 stores.”

Objectives of the DqFanSurvey

Some of the major objectives of Dollar General behind introducing the DqFanSurvey are explained below:

  1. To analyze the needs and expectations of the customers and work hard to meet them in the best possible way.
  2. To provide the best quality of services and food to each and every customer visiting Dollar General.
  3. DqFanSurvey helps the Dollar General to enhance the customer satisfaction level on its premises.
  4. DqFanSurvey is solely launched to make sure that the services and the food served on their premises are up to the mark.
  5. This survey has helped the Dollar General to attract more customers on its premises.
  6. DqFanSurvey is one of the most useful tools for the Dollar General to be the best in the world.

Is it fair to compare four dollar chains with just three pharmacy chains? He wondered if companies with only 99 people should have been included in the study. Although the chain is popular in the west (California, of course), it has fewer than 300 locations, small potatoes compared to the others.

In all cases, the Colliers International study does interesting work and analyzes and differentiates the individual activities of the company in US dollars. For example, Dollar General is positioned “as a rural American supermarket” and is found primarily in small communities that are often too small to have a Walmart in town. The typical general dollar buyer walks in and out of the store in 10 minutes.

Family Dollar, on the other hand, generally places its stores next to supermarkets and department stores. The idea is to appeal to consumers who prefer a smaller and more convenient shopping experience, not to mention a lower price compared to nearby stores.

However, the study’s four-dollar retail chains have a few things in common. On the one hand, everyone receives more food and other “consumables” (paper products, health and beauty products) than before, which is logical: as soon as these consumables run out, the buyer has to buy more. I repeat the case!